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Executive Leadership
Monnie L. Bittle, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Monnie L. Bittle is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Executive Decisions International, LLC (EDI). Monnie, who specializes in facilitating the alignment of an organizations leaders, teams, and culture with its organization strategy/vision, developed the Organization, Team, and Individual (OTI™) Model of Effectiveness. This model provides a unique framework for the assessment, development, and integration of these three levels of analysis within an organization, and Monnie has tailored and applied this model to provide solutions to the specific needs of her clients/business partners. Monnie has also successfully formed strategic alliances between EDI and multiple service providers in order to provide a wider range of strategic and tactical business solutions to her client base.

Monnie applies the professional solutions and the Customer Intimacy philosophy of EDI to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations across multiple industries, including manufacturing, financial services, aerospace, defense, high tech, pharmaceutical, professional services, health, and consumer products. She works with domestic and international operations and with organizations ranging in size from start-up operations to Fortune 100 companies. She facilitates growth, consolidation, and merger and acquisition efforts across industries to assist her clients in the creation and/or maintenance of their market leadership position.

Before EDI, Monnie was a business consultant with Gehlhausen Ruda and Associates, a Chicago-based management consulting firm. Prior to that, Monnie worked in Human Resources Research at BellSouth Corporation in Atlanta. Her work at BellSouth included the development and validation of selection systems and the development, administration, and interpretation of organization and employee opinion surveys. Before BellSouth, she worked as an independent consultant in the areas of attitude and leadership surveys, employee development, succession management, and performance appraisal and compensation systems. Monnie also worked in the Counseling Center at Wake Forest University and taught Learning and Motivation classes at Virginia Tech.

Monnie received her B.A. and M.A. from Wake Forest University. She earned her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Virginia Tech. She has conducted research and authored papers on the impact of personality characteristics and job environment on job performance, job satisfaction, commitment, and turnover. Monnie is a recognized speaker who has been invited to deliver presentations on topics such as "Leadership," "Change Management," "Hiring and Retention Strategies for the Current and Future Workforce," "Stress Management in the New Decade," and "Effective HR Strategies within Merger and Acquisition Environments."

Monnie resides in Chicago. Fun for her includes family, friends, reading, theater, water activities, and travel.