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Over the years, we have partnered with many forward-thinking organizations and their leaders. With their consent, we have compiled a sampling of testimonials that we have received about our professional and survey solutions and our business partnerships. 

 "Executive Decisions International has been the catalyst in significantly modifying the dynamics of our executive management team, which ultimately has resulted in a very motivated, cohesive team focused on creating and maintaining a "high performance" organization. This has permeated throughout the organization with newly developed leadership programs, internal restructuring to better manage our business, and the creation of new business lines and products."

Marcia Snyder
Executive Vice President
Financial Services Industry

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"Over the past several years our organization has employed Executive Decisions International (EDI) as an extension of our overall Human Resources and Organization Development Strategy. Our organization is a multi-national producer of closures and dispensing devices sold into the chemical, paint, petroleum, and consumer products markets. We have manufacturing locations in the U.S., Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. Additionally, we are positioned with distribution facilities in France, Spain, and Singapore, Brail, Australia, and Canada.

We have used EDI for a variety of tasks that range from senior executive recruitment evaluation to first line supervisor training. As such, EDI truly has become an integral part of our organizational development, strategic planning, and tactical implementation. We believe the true EDI "value add" lies in their ability to move within all strata of the organization whether here in the U.S. or abroad to maximize the efficiency of our most important asset, the employee. Their ability to listen and react to specific individuals and overall business needs has proved to be invaluable.

As a result of their track record over an extended period of time covering an extremely wide range of assignments, I would recommend EDI to anyone who is considering external assistance with organizational development."

Don Laipple
Manufacturing Industry

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"Executive Decisions International has been an integral part of our corporate leadership development effort. Beginning with the initial assessment process and through individual coaching and group development, they have provided our executive team with much needed insight and focus. The results have been outstanding. No company should begin this journey without them."

Susan D. McGregor
Executive Vice President
Financial Services Industry

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"I recently participated in Executive Decisions International's Executive Coaching Program. My goal was to use the coaching process as a tool for increasing my effectiveness as a leader, as well as a tool for increasing the effectiveness of my team and organization. This goal has been achieved. EDI's process of assessing my personal leadership attributes/preferences and implementing tailored coaching strategies based on my unique style and needs has been truly effective from both a personal and professional perspective. Using EDI's leadership concepts and their practical, business-oriented approaches has brought about real behavioral change and real business results, as evidenced by the ongoing positive feedback I am receiving from executives, peers and direct reports. I would recommend EDI's Executive Coaching Program to anyone seeking a coaching process that balances focus, structure and accountability for results with an appropriate level of flexibility and listening skills to meet unique needs and deal with real-time business issues as they arise."

Michael Powers
Regional General Manager
Animal Health Industry