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Career Development
Business Challenge:
You no longer enjoy coming to work in the morning. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you know something is not right. Is it a lack of challenge, a need for change, a bad fit, or limited growth opportunities? What can you do to regain your motivation?


EDI's Career Development solution builds off the Executive Assessment and Coaching for Leadership Development solution. The purpose of the Career Development solution is to assess an executive's strengths, areas for development, and interests/preferences. Based on this assessment, a Career Plan is mapped out that focuses on aligning an executive's strengths, interests, and preferences with a career path. The Career Plan outlines recommended steps along an individual's career path, including experiences, assignments, education, and training to expedite career growth. The Career Development solution is applicable in the following situations:
  • Executives looking to chart a growth path within the current organization 
  • Executives looking to chart a growth path outside the current organization
  • Executives looking to make a major career change

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of an executive as a performer, team member, manager, leader, coach, and influencer
  • Providing objective insight on leadership impact and preferences through multi-method, multi-trait processes
  • Providing objective insight from EDI's optional perceptionplus360™ multi-rater (including direct reports, peers, managers, and customers) feedback survey
  • Ongoing coaching from an expert, personal EDI Coach who is familiar with the unique business context and organization culture
  • Ongoing support from a personal EDI Coach to enhance follow-through and accountability
  • Increasing motivation as preferences and career path options are aligned through a comprehensive Career Plan
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