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Executive Assessment for Selection
Business Challenge:
You need to fill a key executive position. A search firm has presented you with three viable candidates. You interviewed all three, but can't decide which candidate would be the best "fit" for the team and organization. You are hesitant to make a decision because you know that a bad decision could cost you as much as $750,000 (based on compensation, recruitment, selection, relocation, and training). How do you decide which candidate to hire?


The Executive Assessment for Selection is a behavior-based, conversational interview. The purpose of this assessment is to identify a candidate's strengths and areas for development in the following five areas: Problem-Solving Skills; Personality Management Skills; Interpersonal Management and Communication Skills; Business and Work Management Skills; and People Management and Leadership Skills. Feedback is also given to the organization on a candidate's future growth potential, motivation, and "fit" within an organization's unique culture. Thus, the Executive Assessment for Selection  solution can help you in the following areas:
  • Deciding who to hire or promote by accurately and quickly evaluating a candidate against pre-defined job requirements
  • Assessing a candidate's motivation and "fit" to increase the probability of his/her long-term job satisfaction and decrease the probability of turnover
  • Determining how to deploy talent to your best advantage

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Providing more accurate data for selection decisions
  • Expediting decision making
  • Determining an executive's "fit" to the job, the team, and the unique organization culture
  • Identifying an executive's growth potential
  • Deciding who to hire/promote and how to deploy talent for the organization's best advantage
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