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Targeted Team Problem Solving
Business Challenge:
Your team has been discussing the same problem for months, with no resolution in sight. Everybody seems to be going in different directions. Some team members are still trying to define the problem. Others think they already have the answer and are off working a solution. When new ideas are voiced, they are quickly shot down. With this being the case, what can you do to more effectively solve this problem as a team?


The purpose of the Targeted Team Problem Solving solution is to address specific critical business issue(s). Using a proven process for team problem solving, an EDI facilitator will work with the team to do the following:
  • Clarify assumptions and clearly define the problem/issue
  • Generate possible solutions for addressing the problem
  • Analyze and evaluate the possible solutions
  • Decide which solution(s) will be implemented
  • Develop a tactical Action Plan for implementation
  • Build in processes and metrics for monitoring and evaluating implementation and doing course corrections, as necessary

Benefits and Outcomes:

Solving critical real-time business issues such as the following:
  • How to roll out a new product
  • How to increase inter-departmental collaboration 
  • How to manage a change effort
  • How to effectively manage customer expectations
  • How to retain "high-potential" employees
  • How to motivate employees during tough times
  • How to determine the profitability of current products/services
  • How to develop and sustain a "Customer Intimate" culture
  • How to improve "operational efficiency" across the organization
  • How to develop a corporate talent pool to meet current and future staffing requirements 
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