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Strategic Planning and Alignment
Business Challenge:
Would you be surprised to learn that only 5% of your workforce understands the company's strategy? Research shows this to be the case. Did you know that only 15% of executive teams spend more than one hour per month discussing strategy? Furthermore, only 25% of managers have incentives linked to strategy, and only 40% of organizations link budgets to strategy. Given that nine out of ten organizations fail to execute strategy effectively, this solution can be invaluable.


Using a series of structured customer and competitor analyses, EDI assists your organization with narrowing the company's focus to its primary strategy. Following these decisions at the senior management level, we then help facilitate the alignment of the organization structure and resources across multiple levels in the organization. The program includes the identification of key Strategic Initiatives and the development of a comprehensive Communication Strategy to ensure that the strategic message is clear and motivating at all levels in the organization. This helps build the commitment and critical mass for change. Options within this program package can include Change Management Programs to overcome resistance to change, Aligning Tactics with Strategy Programs to align department and individual strategies with the organization strategy, and/or Managing Growth Programs to balance internal and external growth initiatives within the strategic focus. Performance measurements are included in all programs to enhance accountability and follow-through.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • A common strategy based on rigorous customer and competitor analyses
  • A framework for managers to make decisions, including resource allocation, that serve the long-term goals of the company
  • Common strategic focus through the identification of corporate- and department-level key Strategic Initiatives
  • A Communication Strategy for facilitating communication of the strategy to everyone in the organization in a meaningful and motivating manner
  • Understanding and buy-in from multiple levels in the organization, which increases the probability of performance improvements and overall success
  • Alignment of day-to-day activities and tactics to organization vision and strategy
  • Outlining of tactical implementation plans across the organization
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